Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weight watchers re-do

Ok...I must admit...I can not stick to a diet plan without knowing that I have to go and be weighed. I signed up for actual weight watcher meetings instead of online ones and I went to my first one today. I weigh the same now as I do when I started the online program, so that is good..I did not gain anything. So, this is week 1 and I weigh in next tuesday and we will see how I do. I need to lose close to 100 pounds. I would be happy with 70 pounds or so lost but we will see how I feel as I go along. I do know I will feel better mentally and physically once I start losing weight. I can feel that my thyroid meds need adjusting. All the symptoms of low thyroid are showing again. Dry skin, dry hair, feeling cold, very tired, etc. I have a lab slip to get my thyroid tested. I see the doctor thursday so I SHOULD have gotten the lab work done last week so he would be able to have the results by my appt...guess I should have planned better lol.

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