Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where I want to move..

I know this is just pretty far fetched in thinking that we could actually pack up and move out of this hot hellish state but there is an area that I have dreamed about for years. I do not take it seriously because it does get cold and snow there and I always wanted to stay away from snow. I seriously dream of the harbor and the ocean and can see this area so clearly in my mind but I have never been there. Where might this be??? Maine...not just any area of Maine but Portland Maine. I never ever knew there was a Portland Maine. I had heard of Portland Oregon but not Maine. I kept daydreaming and actually night-dreaming of a place that I wanted to move. I can not stand it here. The summer has depressed me. The quality of living here is awful and I just feel like there is nothing here for me. Anyways, the other day I was looking over blogs and I came upon a blog that had pictures and the pictures were just like my dreams and thoughts. The water, the streets, the trees, everything was just the way I imagined the place that I want to live in. I did not know what the place was called so I looked further and found that the photos were of Portland Maine. I know it gets cold there and I know it snows there but maybe I am willing to deal with that if it would give me a change from where I am at right now.
I am not sure if it is even a possiblilty. Maybe in the future?? who knows. Maybe I will rent a summer rental there next summer and see if ray can get off for a month or so of work. Maybe I will never get there at all. But, I do hope that someday I can get away from the heat here and move somewhere that is worthy of dreaming about.

Weight watchers re-do

Ok...I must admit...I can not stick to a diet plan without knowing that I have to go and be weighed. I signed up for actual weight watcher meetings instead of online ones and I went to my first one today. I weigh the same now as I do when I started the online program, so that is good..I did not gain anything. So, this is week 1 and I weigh in next tuesday and we will see how I do. I need to lose close to 100 pounds. I would be happy with 70 pounds or so lost but we will see how I feel as I go along. I do know I will feel better mentally and physically once I start losing weight. I can feel that my thyroid meds need adjusting. All the symptoms of low thyroid are showing again. Dry skin, dry hair, feeling cold, very tired, etc. I have a lab slip to get my thyroid tested. I see the doctor thursday so I SHOULD have gotten the lab work done last week so he would be able to have the results by my appt...guess I should have planned better lol.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

week 1 weigh in

Ok...one week on weight watchers. I stuck to the plan very well. I ate fruits and veggies. Drank all my water etc. The only thing I did not get in was my exercise. I guess that makes a huge difference because after the first week is over I stepped on the scale and gained 1 pound. How is that possible??? grr. I will keep at it. I am frustrated and usually that would be enough to make me give up but nope, I am going to stick with it..

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 2

Today was day 2 on weight watchers. I have done really well with my eating and drinking water and writing down what I eat. I need to work on the exercise but I just have so much pain that I am not in the mood to do much but I have done a lot of walking in place...not sure if that does much but it must be better then doing nothing.
I will weigh in on tuesday and see if I lost anything. I am hoping for at least a few pounds a week..