Friday, January 06, 2006

Made it through the New Year

Well, the holidays were less then optimal. I learned quite a bit about people who I thought cared about myself and my kids. I learned my mom is very selfish and does not care about my family at all. Actually that is fine. I have much more about this topic and will make its own post about my family.
I started on another new medication called lyrica. So far it has done nothing for my pain and I still take about 5-6 oxycodone a day and that really does not even help much.
I also upped my wellbutrin even more. I now take 150mg two times a day. I have only been at this dose for about a week and have not noticed much other then some bothersome side effects that I am sure will go away with time.
I took up a new hobby, knitting. I have to sit in a certain position so it does not hurt my neck and shoulders but I have found I can knit with little to no arm movement and just move my hands a bit.
I am still waiting on my disability hearing. The lawyer says the case looks good. All my dr's are supportive of my claim. I have letters and records and all sorts of supporting stuff for my case. I am just now waiting on a hearing date. My lawyer will fly in for the hearing.
One of my best online friends had a new baby last month and I am very happy for her. I am also happy that she is feeling better and able to email back and forth with me again. Her and I have so much and so little at the same time in common but we have been emailing for over 3 years and are both so open minded that even if we both think differently about something we can still both chat about it. It is amazing that even after a few months of hardly emailing each other that as soon as we started back up again it was just like we had been talking all this time.
I still really wish I could find some local friends but I guess I am not quite ready for the work that having a friend would be.
I do have some resoltions for the new year and will post those in another post tommorow.

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